Down in Front is a small collective of film buffs, comedians, and all-around weirdos that just can’t help talking through the movie - but you’ll actually love it coming from us. We sort through hundreds of films and present our favorite targets to you with live running commentary, packed with jokes. There’s nothing too obscure, nor too classic for our smart-asses to show you and create a great night of comedy.

We have captivated audiences with a monthly live performance at North Bar since (2015). Our film selections include vintage educational and industrial shorts, blockbuster movies in the vein of Die Hard and Congo, and genre films such as The Breakfast Club, Monster Squad and The Fly.  A monthly audience poll decides which film is next to be “cinematically rehabilitated.” Some might call it audience engagement, others might call it pandering, and we're ok with either. 

In the words of Levar Burton, don't take our words for it: come out to a show and see for yourself.

And please; no talking during the movie - that’s our job!
Michael Marquis Albright
Executive Producer​, writer, performer

Michael built Down In Front from the ground up, using only the finest artisanal comedy writers and performers. DIF grew out of his position as organizer of the Chicago MST3K Meetup Group. Long story short, he said "I want to do that," and here we are.
Favorite Movie: Tank Girl
Favorite Good Movie: The Godfather
Favorite Good Movie When He Doesn’t Think You’re Judging Him: The Princess Bride
Jessica Childs
Head Writer, performer

Jessica was born and raised in the secluded Billy Joel tribe of Hackensack, New Jersey. Trained in the ancient art of Lisa Frank Fu, she is now a vigilante in Skokie, IL.
Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein
Favorite Wendy's Menu Item: Bowl of Chili
Al Kwiatkowski​​
Writer, performer

Al was born in a log cabin, above an ancient Indian burial ground, and below another (less ancient) Indian burial ground.  He currently holds the copyright to "datsease" (meaning: an ailment other people have).  When not writing for Down In Front, he's plotting. Always plotting.
Favorite Movie: Congo
Favorite Reason for Yelling: Being on Fire
Amanda Lautermilch​​
Writer, performer

Amanda is a person for whom Netflix once recommended the genre “Talking-Animal Sci-Fi & Fantasy for ages 11 to 12”. Has she mentioned she read A Song of Ice and Fire before the TV show was even in the works? If not, she will. #teamdirewolf 
Favorite movie: Billy Elliot
Favorite Jimmy Buffett song: Jolly Mon Sing
Fard Muhammad​​
Writer, performer

Fard Muhammad became operational at the Advanced Technology And Research Institute in Urbana, IL on the 12th of January, 1992 and was declared Conan O'Brien's favorite laugh in 2017. He hopes to host the Late Late Show on CBS by 2021.
Favorite Movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Favorite Talk Show: The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien